What to say in your letter or email

It is important to show to MPs that you are a voter, an angler and that you are firmly opposed to the Amendment Bill’s threat to trout and your recreational enjoyment.

Say who you are, where you live, your age and profession.

Tell them how you got started in fishing, the generations of your family who have fished and that you are teaching the next generation the skills handed to you.

Say how fishing allows you to put food on your family’s table.

Point out that you as a trout angler have fought long and hard to protect the environment and campaigned for clean water.  Stress that you have put your money where your mouth is on protecting the environment.

If you are member of the Labour, NZ First or Greens parties, tell the leaders and say that you are unhappy with the way the Amendment Bill threatens trout, your angling and undermines Fish & Game.

If you voted for Labour, NZ First or the Greens, tell the leaders you have supported them in the past but warn they can’t count on your vote if the Amendment Bill goes through as it presently stands.

The tone of your letter should be firm but polite.  Aim to get your message across in a reasoned way and stress how important angling and trout are to you and your family.