How to write your submission to the Parliamentary Select Committee

The job of a Parliamentary Select Committee is to closely examine draft legislation which has been referred to it by Parliament.

It is the place where these draft laws can be changed for the better.

And it is where the voice of the average Kiwi can be heard.

You as an individual have the right to make a submission to the Select Committee.

The easiest way to do this is in writing, either online or by sending two copies of your submission to the select committee.

Full details on how to do this and where to send it can be found by clicking here

To read more on the select committee process, go here

Remember, you must have your submission in by Thursday 25 October.

To have the maximum impact, your submission needs to be clear and focussed on the important issue.

If you aren’t using the online form on Parliament’s website, provide a covering letter explaining what you are submitting on and your contact details.

Your submission should contain the following information:

  • The name of the bill you are submitting on – The Conservation (Indigenous Freshwater Fish) Amendment Bill
  • The committee considering the Bill – The Environment Select Committee
  • Your name as submitter 

The content of your submission should be to the point and relevant.

At the start, say you oppose the Bill’s anti-trout content – and say why – be polite but firm.

  • Explain why you love trout angling, the outdoors experience and the handing of your fishing knowledge from generation to generation (refer to tradition, spiritual, cultural benefits)
  • Cite the personal benefits you get from angling such as health, recreation and food.
  • Make specific mention of the environmental benefits trout provide New Zealand by protecting freshwater, habitat and the wider environment.
  • If relevant, talk of the economic and employment benefits trout provide.
  • Stick to the main issue – and keep your submission reasonably short. Don’t get side-tracked onto irrelevant subjects.
  • Offer solutions. Recommend the Select Committee adopt Sir Geoffrey Palmer’s remedies on how to fix the Bill’s anti-trout and anti-Fish & Game content.

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