Shoveler duck survey results are in

Every year Fish & Game staff all around the country undertake the NZ shoveler duck survey.

Shoveler are highly regarded by game bird hunters and are treated as a trophy species by them.

Staff seek out these very special ducks on wetlands and waterways and then forward the results to the Eastern Region where Senior Fish & Game Officer Matt McDougall compiles the results each year to assist with the management of the species.

FGNZ WC Shoveler Survey46

Left: Shoveler's coming into land on the West Coast

The survey, the 18th to be run, is carried out every August by officers in all 12 Fish & Game regions, helped by volunteers including Ornithological Society members.

The aim of the survey is to ensure the Australasian shoveler populations are properly monitored and managed.

Senior Fish & Game Officer Matthew McDougall who has just crunched the numbers says that 245 sites around the country were surveyed and a total of 14,723 birds counted.

That’s up on last year’s count of 11,781 – and shows a continuing long term trend of stable shoveler populations.

Check out this video of West Coast staff undertaking the survey.