Where to Hunt Game Birds

The primary attractions for game bird hunters on the Coast are the diversity of habitat, providing for a range of species, but predominately grey and mallard duck (and hybrids thereof).

Shoveler, paradise shelduck and pukeko are also widespread throughout the region

In general, developed valleys with improved pasture and open drains offer the best waterfowl hunting – particularly for mallards, pukeko and shelduck
– however riverbeds, bush ponds and coastal wetlands – most of which are on DoC administered land – also provide excellent opportunity. Some relatively unexploited hunting opportunities remain in South Westland river valleys south of Harihari.

For anybody planning a trip to hunt the West Coast, Fish & Game can provide advice on key landowners to contact.

At the present time there are few problems with access to hunting on land administered by DoC, however if in doubt about land tenure contact the nearest DoC office (refer below) for a permit.

Greymouth (03) 768 0427
Hokitika (03) 756 9100
Buller (03) 788 8008
Sth. Westland (03) 752 0796

Gamebird hunting is permitted in six Scenic Reserves; Hunters wishing to shoot at Lakes Rotokino, Ianthe, Arthur, Swan and Lady, or Saltwater lagoon are required to request a permit from DoC before the end of March. In the event of problems contact Fish & Game.

Most private landowners will react favourably to reasonable requests for access to hunt.

The contacts listed below are recommended for hunters seeking new areas, particularly to hunt parries. It is essential to phone the landowner before visiting and to respect any reasons they may have for limiting access.

Area Property Contact Ph Number
Ahaura M Bray 7323576
Ahaura R Becker 7323879
Ahaura G Paterson 7323140
Atarau A Becker 7323576
Atarau C Brake 7323080
Atarau A Berry 7323856
Atarau C Van der Geest 7323718
Atarau G O’Connor 7323859
Atarau J Liddell 7323747
Atarau M Mills 7323001
Atarau P Berry 7323856
Atarau R Little 7323034
Atarau D Kennedy 0276327795
Atarau G Graham 7323063
Atarau P Jefferies 7680193
Barrytown George Coates 7311805
Haupiri C Egan 7380389
Haupiri H Temple(G.C.C) 7380224
Ikamatua G Prendergast 7323518
Ikamatua R Lemon 7323525
Ikamatua M Fitzgerald 7323577
Ikamatua P McLennan 7323755
Kokiri D Bradley 7625798
Kokiri (C.M.P) 7625055
Kowhitirangi T Sheridan 7557227
Mawheraiti K Harvey 0272228360


West Coast Hunting Spots