Covid-19 info for Game Bird Hunters


game 23 may

We are now in Level 2 

10.43am 14 May 2020

Game bird season starts Saturday May 23 (hunting is not permitted prior to this date on any public or private land)

From Thursday May 14

  • Retail stores will be open with some social distancing restrictions 
  • DOC district offices can issue game bird hunting permits for duck hunting on public conservation land and waters
  • You can travel to your maimai to make preparations
  • You can travel nationally and stay overnight while following public health measures
  • You can use boats
  • Public conservation land will be open for game bird hunting but DOC huts and camping grounds have some guidelines
  • Maintain social distancing from people you don't know and keep a record of everyone you come in to contact with
  • Your hunting group is restricted to 10 people but the smaller the group the better
  • Hunt safely in areas that you know and do not pose obvious risk
  • Avoid sharing equipment with others
  • Be safe in all your interactions as much as you possibly can
  • If you are sick or have any symptoms as minor as a runny nose - Stay home

Revised Game Bird Regulations, Season Duration and Bag Limits

Click here for the new online regulations booklets showing all season extensions

Click here for a quick reference guide to season durations and bag limits by region 


Pegging day 

  • Your stand claim for 2019 is still valid for the 2020 season if you have a 2020 game bird licence
  • If you are tagging a new or unclaimed maimai, you can do this after 10.00am on opening day
  • If you are unclear on the status of a maimai, contact your local Fish & Game regional office


Game Bird Licence Cards 

  • Licence sales and licence card deliveries are functioning normally, please be aware that delivery may take a few days longer as the post is currently taking a little longer.
  • The game bird regulations booklet you will receive does not reflect the changes to the season start date or the extended closing dates in some regions. You will need to familiarise yourself with the updated regulations available here
  • If your card has not arrived prior to hunting, carry your PDF receipt copy either printed, or on your mobile phone screen with photo ID to present to a Fish & Game ranger
  • Game bird day licences will go on sale Monday June 1st



The game bird season is going ahead, there will be no refunds or discounts on game bird licences.

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