Fish & Hunt Forever!

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The future of fishing and hunting is under threat. Changes in society and law are marginalising this critical part of who we are as New Zealanders, our lifestyle and culture.


Your favourite pursuits are threatened by the Government’s proposed law to replace the RMA. The law will not recognise what you value about the wild, nor protect the habitat of trout, salmon and game birds.

Fish & Game is the only organisation that champions these pursuits and advocates on your behalf as anglers and game bird hunters.

Your help is needed to fight for the ongoing ability to fish and hunt.




The threats to fishing and hunting have been growing. Our favourite activities are being frowned at, curtailed, restricted, and even banned.

Now, the Government intends to remove recognition of the habitats of trout and salmon in the Natural and Built Environment Bill that will replace the RMA.

This will give developers, businesses, and councils the power to make unilateral decisions about our favourite rivers, lakes, and wetlands. As a result, our voices will no longer be heard, and the value we place on these areas for recreation and food gathering will have no legal recognition.

The Government is doing this because some in society are hostile towards introduced sports fish and game birds, believing they have no place in Aotearoa New Zealand, nor in our legislation, including Fish & Game.

And yet we know that outdoor recreation remains an essential part of living in New Zealand and defining who we are as Kiwis. More than 300,000 people fish and hunt - the highest it’s ever been. And research continues to show that participating in healthy outdoor activity is important for our wellbeing and a key tool in tackling the current mental health crisis.

Economically, our world-class fishing and hunting attracts tourists from around the globe which has significant flow-on effects for employment and wealth creation, particularly in regional New Zealand.

Preserving this is the long-term aim of our campaign.

To achieve this, we must assert the values and benefits of fishing and hunting. We must resist attempts to restrict these quintessentially Kiwi recreational pursuits. And we must reconnect with the community, promoting understanding and encouraging people to try fishing and hunting.

Right now, we need your help to remind the Government that fishing and hunting is a significant part of what defines us as Kiwis. By joining our group of supporters, we will demand that our favourite wild places and species be protected under the law.

Join our dedicated campaign to ensure you and future generations will fish and hunt forever.