Wellington Reel Life September 2017

Guilt-free fishing this Opening

[Use image:This could be you this opening day, Credit Hamish Carnachan]

The rivers are recharged, the fish are fresh and Opening is only days away!

What’s great about Opening this year is that October 1 falls on Sunday so there’s no need to pull a sickie or take a day off work; everyone can get out on the water for some guilt-free fishing!

This could be you this Opening Day (Photo Hamish Carnachan). 

It’s a great opportunity to take your family, partner or children out too, maybe even consider camping out streamside overnight Saturday to hit the water first thing Sunday, October 1…

The rivers are looking great too – they’ve had plenty of recharge from good snow drops right up until a few days ago.

The trout will be thriving in these good flows and frantically trying to put on condition after spawning. Everything is all set up for a super start to the season.

Get your licence and get into it!

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Get The best bang for your buck

fish licence 2020

Our rangers will have a much stronger presence this Opening Day, as well as the Saturday before to make sure no one is jumping the gun, particularly in the back country.

We’ve heard reports of this happening in the past and we’re determined to knock it out as it ruins the fishing for everyone else. 

Along with being in the back country, rangers will also be hitting trailheads and handy water, so expect to see them if you’re out, and make sure you have your new season licence on you, not in the car or back at home.

If you haven’t yet got your licence, grab it online here: [https://fishandgame.eyede.com/Account/Logon?ReturnUrl=%2fLicence%2fSearchLicenceHolders] the easy way – a few quick clicks and you’re ‘Licenced to Thrill’ for another entire year.

Don’t get caught short by buying one of the lesser licences and find out the hard way that you’re very restricted in the angling you can do.

The Whole Season Licence is by far the best category offering the most flexibility and unrestricted freshwater fishing available. You can fish for the entire year – that’s 365 days – for a staggeringly low cost of just 35c/day.

What other world-class recreational activity can you get for that?

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Catch you next week with our first full report and outlook for Opening Day.

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