Trout and angling under threat

Trout and salmon are facing one of the most serious threats posed to them as a result of new legislation just introduced to Parliament.

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The Indigenous Freshwater Fish Amendment Bill aims to provide better protection for indigenous fish such as galaxids, whitebait, eels, bullies, torrent fish, mudfish and other species.

But the Bill also poses a serious threat to trout and angling.

It allows trout and salmon to be removed from particular rivers and lakes, even if they are significant trout and salmon fisheries.

It could see trout being part of Treaty of Waitangi settlements with iwi.

The Bill also opens the possibility of allowing the sale of trout.

Click here to read Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC's legal analysis of the Bill and its impact.

What can anglers do?

Fish & Game was not consulted on this Bill and it is vital anglers make their feelings known about it.

Write to the Prime Minister, other party leaders and your MP to tell them the Bill’s attack on trout is unacceptable. Advice on how to do this is here

A suggested letter can be found here.

Visit your MP and tell them what you think.  A list of their electorates can be found here

And above all, make a submission to the select committee now considering the Bill.  

The deadline for making a submission is October 25.

Advice on how to make a submission to a committee is here

Act now!

Anglers need to act now to stop the threat in its tracks.

The first and easiest action you can take is sign a petition opposing the bill - just click here to do it now!

Make an online submission right now - its straightforward - click here and down the page you'll see the green bar that says 'I'm ready to make my submission.'

 Or click on the sections below for more information along with advice on lobbying MPs, and political chiefs.

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