General Fishing Licence Info

There are ten different types of licence on offer. Please read the short summaries and the chart below to pick the licence that best suits your personal circumstances, lifestyle, age and stage. Then follow the simple directions on how to buy your licence. 

2023 / 2024 Season

23868 FG 2023 24 Fishing Licence May23 Print Ready2Everyone, of any age, must carry a valid New Zealand Sports Fishing Licence with them (or be named on a family licence with the primary licence holder present) when fishing for sports fish in New Zealand.

All Fish & Game fishing licences (apart from Local Area) can be used anywhere in New Zealand except the Taupo area, which is administered by the Department of Conservation (DOC). For more information on the regulations for Taupo, visit DOC’s website:

Please note that if you buy a Local Area Licence you can only fish in the one region you have nominated – so you must be aware of that region’s boundaries.

Please note, that fishing licences are non-refundable.

Remember that overseas visitors must buy a full season or day Non-Resident Licence

Your licence is a permit to fish for sports fish in accordance with the regulations governing the Fish and Game New Zealand region in which you are fishing. It does not grant any right of access to land. If you want to walk over private land, please first get the permission of the land occupier.

  • You must have your licence with you whenever you are fishing or carrying assembled fishing gear.
  • You can use a PDF licence emailed to you either printed or on your phone screen but you must carry photo ID as well.
  • You must produce your licence when requested to by a Fish & Game Ranger.
  • Report lost or stolen licences to your local Fish & Game office and they can issue you with a replacement.
  • Designated Waters Licence, Sea Run Salmon Licence and Controlled Fishery Licence: To fish a Designated Waters Fishery or a Sea-run salmon river in North Canterbury or Central South Island Regions, you must have a Designated Waters Licence or Sea-run Salmon Licence, in addition to the appropriate Whole Season Licence you have purchased.

Fishing Licence Costs:

The chart below has details of the ten fishing licence categories, including fees, and terms and conditions.

Whole Season:

Adult (18+) - $153

Junior (12-17) $31

Child (under 12) Free (Licence is still required)

Age above is at 1 October

This is the best licence to fish anywhere (except Taupo) from 1 October - 30 September. For NZ resident anglers only.

Family – $198:

Fishing as a couple, with the kids or grandchildren. A family licence includes a couple and up to 4 children or grandchildren under the age of 18 on 1 October (the first day of that respective fishing season). Valid from 1 October to 30 September. For NZ resident anglers only.

Local Area Adult – $122:

Perfect for those who only fish close to home. You can fish one specified Fish & Game region only. Cannot be used in other regions. Valid from 1 October to 30 September. For NZ resident anglers only.

Loyal Senior – $130:

For senior New Zealand anglers aged over 65 on 1 October (the first day of that respective fishing season) who have held an Adult Whole Season Licence or Family Licence for the last five consecutive years or more. Valid from 1 October to 30 September. For NZ resident anglers only.

One Day - Adult $24 and Junior $5:

A great way to try trout fishing….have a go! For beginners or those who want to fish for only a few hours. Valid for 24hrs from user-selected start time. For NZ residents only.

Short Break Adult – $55:

Ideal for a getaway holiday or novices – NZ anglers who want to fish three consecutive days or a long weekend. The user selects the start time. For NZ resident anglers only.

Long Break Adult – $107:

For holidaymakers or others who plan to fish harder – NZ anglers who want to fish for nine consecutive days (e.g. two weekends plus days in between). The user selects the start time. For NZ resident anglers only.

Winter Adult – $92:

For those who fish over the colder months, the second half of the season, is from 1 April to 30 September. For NZ resident anglers only.

Non-Resident Whole Season:

Adult (18+) – $264, Junior (under 18) $50 & Child (under 12) $50 

Valid from 1 October to 30 September. Welcome to the best fishing in the world. Non-resident means a person who, on October 1, is NOT a NZ resident.

Non-Resident One Day:

Adult (18+) – $37, Junior (under 18) $22 & Child (under 12) $22

Non-Resident means a person who, on that date, is NOT a NZ resident.

For more information on Non-Resident Licences, click here

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Buying Your Licence:

You can purchase your licence in several ways:

Online: by visiting our online licence system
In person: Visit any regional Fish & Game office or licence agent (view your local region's pages to find address and contact details for local licence agents – fishing and outdoor stores, etc).

View our Fishing Frequently Asked questions in our FAQ section.

Be aware that fishing with the wrong licence is regarded as fishing with no licence.