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Taranaki Both Barrels July 2019

TBB1 Aug19 Mallards enjoy the morning sun on a wetland east of Stratford.

Following the end of the hunting season for ducks we’ve seen good numbers of mallards during recent wetland visits, indicating that there is a strong base population of birds going...

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Taranaki Both Barrels June 2019

TBB1Jun19. Pukeko breast meat makes great eating.

Final results of the game bird hunter survey are not yet in, but it’s looking like the 2019 season for ducks was about average.

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Taranaki Both Barrels May 2019

TBB1May19. The fine and calm conditions meant pond shooting was fairly slow on opening weekend

The generally fine and calm conditions that greeted hunters on opening day undoubtedly favoured the ducks.

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Taranaki Both Barrels April 2019

There will be plenty of paradise shelduck for those hunting within the Taranaki provincial area this season.

Taranaki Fish & Game staff say there should be plenty of ducks for hunters this season from May 4, with mallard numbers at above average levels.

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