Salmon Symposium- Turning the Tide

FGNZ SalmonFish & Game are holding a two day symposium to discuss the South Island’s troubled wild salmon fishery. 

The salmon – known as the King, Chinook or Quinnat – is found mainly on the West Coast, Canterbury, Otago and Marlborough.

Everyone with a stake in the fishery should attend the symposium and explore what is contributing to the decline.

From the symposium anglers and Fish & Game will be able to plan a joint way forward.

The symposium is being organised by Fish & Game’s two Canterbury regions, Central South Island and North Canterbury.

The symposium will provide a real opportunity for concerned anglers to have their say, there is a real desire by anglers to get to the bottom of what is causing the runs of wild salmon to drop from their historic highs.  

While there is a lot of speculation and a wide range of theories, the exact reasons remain elusive.

Having anglers at the symposium is vital as their experience and observations are valuable.

The symposium is being held at the Hotel Ashburton on the weekend of November 11 and 12. 

Registrations for Turning the Tide have now closed, We'll see you all there!


Download Recommendations for New Zealand Chinook Hatchery Fishery Management-D-Willis pdf

A report From Turning the tide keynote speaker David Willis of his observations from his visit.