Taranaki Reel Life May 2017

Winter fishing opportunities

Two recent snow falls have lowered water temperatures toward their usual winter levels and the change in conditions will be encouraging adult trout to pair up and begin moving towards spawning areas. 

River and stream base-flows are currently at only moderate levels and still very suitable for fishing.

Above Right: A 2.25kg Kaupokonui winter season brown - Photo Gerard Karalus.

On the Taranaki ringplain, there are still some good fish cruising the shoreline in Lake Mangamahoe, near New Plymouth and the lower Waiwhakaiho River along the track at the end of Rimu Street extension will also be worth a visit on fine, sunny days.

 At this time of year, the lower Kaupokonui River upstream from the campground is a popular fishing spot that always seems to hold a mix of brown and rainbow trout. 

Likewise, the Waingongoro River between Ohawe and SH45 is another productive winter fishing area. 

In the Waimarino, the Manganuioteao main stem up to the Makatote River confluence remains open to angling through to the end of June and while base-flows have increased, so has the angling success rate as fish move upstream from the lower reaches and the Whanganui River in preparation for spawning.

Please remember to obtain permission to access the river from the appropriate landowner.

Get a winter fishing licence! 

If you don’t hold a season fishing licence, why not treat yourself to a bargain price winter licence or encourage a mate to buy one? 

For anyone who doesn’t hold a whole season licence, the winter licence represents a great opportunity.

At a cost of $75 for an adult, a winter licence gives you plenty of opportunity to chase trout while they’re still in tip top condition, especially in prime winter fisheries such as the Rotorua lakes. 

The licences run from April 1 to September 30.

If you want to buy a licence online here.

Allen Stancliff, Taranaki Fish & Game Officer.