Freshwater Fishing in the Taranaki Region

Most Taranaki trout fisheries have their source within the Egmont or Tongariro National Parks and provide a high-quality angling experience in a scenic and un-crowded environment.

Even the most popular Taranaki fisheries have a low level of angling use by national standards.

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More than 40 small to medium sized trout streams radiate from the base of Mt Taranaki.

These rivers and streams can provide quality ‘sight fishing’ opportunities for brown trout, which while often not present in great numbers may be of large size.

However, with only limited numbers of large trout which are often quite old, some of these fisheries cannot stand ‘excessive’ pressure.

This is why we haven’t listed details for many of these streams in the following information.

Nevertheless, for those anglers prepared to explore, there are some very special opportunities hidden away with the added bonus of the peace and solitude that comes with fishing these streams.

There is also rainbow trout fishing available in three local lakes and in the Waingongoro and Kaupokonui rivers on the southern side of Mt. Taranaki.

Whanganui and New Plymouth both have a number of lake fisheries that provide good fishing for perch within a few minutes of the city.

A little further afield the Ruapehu district rivers are some of the most productive in the Taranaki region, with the evening rise on the large boulder strewn rivers a special feature.

Of particular note is the Manganuioteao River which is a nationally important brown and rainbow trout fishery.

As with the rest of the region there is generally little fishing pressure and anglers appreciate being able to get away on their own and fish in a relaxed unhurried manner.

Within the Taranaki Fish & Game region there is generally little public access adjacent to rivers and streams and anglers need to obtain permission to cross private farmland.

However landowners seldom deny access when asked and being prepared to ring or knock on their door will open up all sorts of delightful angling opportunities.

As a general rule most rivers and lakes are open to fishing from 1 October to 30 April with all angling methods permitted and a two trout daily bag limit.

However the lower reaches of many larger rivers along with some lakes are open all year round.

Anglers are encouraged to refer to the regulation booklet that comes with their licence or to click here for access to the local fishing regulations and  to check the rules applying to a specific water.



Taranaki Fishing Spots