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Both Barrels July 2020

DSC 6145 1

During the day, mallards will often rest up underneath willows located on the margins of our rivers.

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Both Barrels June 2020

Erin drift shoot 1

Opening weekend was a great success in Southland with plenty of birds about.

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Both Barrels May 2020

Good habitat greatly improves fledge success

From our Spring brood counts and ongoing wet Summer we have seen plenty of mallards, paradise shelduck and black swans getting around this season.

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Special Lockdown Edition Both Barrels April 2020

lockdown header

Over the first two weeks of the lockdown, Fish & Game have been scenario planning around what form the game bird season might take.

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Southland Both Barrels July 2019

Cohen plucking ducks with Emma 2019a

We hope everyone had a great end to their waterfowl season in Southland.

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Southland Both Barrels June 2019

IMG 8605

All this wet weather has created lots of puddles for mallards.

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Southland Both Barrels May 2019

Opening day 2019 Father daughter team

Results from our annual game bird harvest survey put our opening weekend harvest at 13.8 mallards per hunter.

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Southland Both Barrels April 2019

DSC 4162A

The extra rain we received in November and December meant our later nesting mallards fared well to have a very productive and successful breeding season.

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South Island Roundup - Both Barrels 2018

Ace game bird chef Phil Hazeldine presiding over a wild game feast.

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