Eat Bird

There are two great ways to celebrate the great New Zealand game bird during our 2018 festival. Check out the options below.

The local participating eateries will be offering one or both of the following options:

Roast Duck with Cherry Sauce1. You can have your game bird cooked by a top chef in one of the Festival's participating eateries across New Zealand.

This is a great way to experience flavours that you may not have considered for your game bird as well as a chance to have a fun night out with friends.

All you need to do is contact the eatery at least 24 hours in advance to notify them and book a table. Then just drop your game bird off to the chef at least 24 hours before you dine. Remember also to dress your bird, i.e. pluck and gut it, before delivering it to the chef.

2. Alternatively, you can order a prepared bird* dish at your local participating eatery.

Just look for the game bird dish on the menu and enjoy a delicious, healthy meal!

Who knows, it may even inspire you to consider buying a Hunting Licence and cooking up your own game bird treat at home...

Please note: Contact your local participating eatery to see which options they are providing during the festival.

* This bird will be commercially sourced poultry (i.e. farmed, not wild) as per the Conservation Act 1987, as it is illegal to sell wild game.