Getting Started


This part of our website has been specially created for Southland’s beginner anglers who need a bit of guidance to help get them started with their trout fishing.

This page is designed to provide you with all the tips you need to catch fish.  

Basic tips

Spin fishing basics – if you are only going to watch one video, then this should be it. In this video, we share the fundamental basics for successful trout fishing with lures. 

Bait fishing basics – bait fishing is a great option for beginner anglers, especially youngsters because there is not too much casting involved. If you follow the tips in this video, you will have a very good chance of success. 

Choosing the right fishing lures – choosing the correct lures, especially an appropriately sized lure is important for success. This video outlines a few of the ‘must have’ trout fishing lures for use in Southland.

Soft bait fishing basics – soft bait fishing is a very effective and fun way to catch trout. However, there is a bit of technique involved. Watch this video if want to know the basics on how to fish for trout with soft baits.   

Fishing access maps

Below are links to a few of our access maps. We have physical copies of these access maps available at the Southland Fish and Game office.      

Mataura River

Northern Southland

Te Anau Basin

Invercargill Surrounds

Southern Scenic Route