Ettrick Burn Controlled Fishery Licences

In the Southland region, a Controlled Fishery booking is required to fish the Ettrick Burn during the period from November 1 to May 31.

Controlled Period: Nov 1 – May 31
Methods: Fly and Spin
Bag Limit: 1

The Ettrick Burn is situated within the Murchison Mountains Special Takahe Area managed by the Department of Conservation. Fish & Game has negotiated angler access to the lower seven kilometres of the Ettrick Burn for anglers and manages this area as a Controlled Fishery throughout the angling season (Nov 1 – May 31).

southland ettrick burn controlled fishery mapA Controlled Fishery booking permits an angler access into this restricted area for one specified calendar day. There is no charge for this access.

Booking Details

The allocation of Ettrick Burn Controlled Fishery Bookings is on a first come first served basis through our online booking system. Bookings may be made for Wednesdays and Saturdays only and no more than five days in advance.

The Controlled Fishery Booking entitles the primary angler and a maximum of three other whole season licenced companions (a maximum party of four anglers) to fish in solitude on the river on one given day.

A condition of the negotiated access is NO overnighting; anglers must travel in and out in one day. The booking gives permission for angling only, NO hunting is permitted. Also, use of the Takahe management facilities such as huts is not permitted.

Applications for an Ettrick Burn Controlled Fishery booking can be made up to five days in advance of the designated fishing period by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Protect our National Parks

Due to the presence of didymo in the Ettrick Burn, no Clean Gear Certificate is required to fish it. However it is essential that anglers who want to go on to fish other Fiordland waters, first return to Te Anau get a Clean Gear Certificate from DOC’s Fiordland National Park Visitors Centre. For further information and alternate Certificate providers, please phone DOC on 03-7924 249 or visit the DOC website.

You may also refer to the NZ Biosecurity website for information on procedures to manage the spread of unwanted freshwater organisms.

Apply now for a Controlled Fishery Booking

To cancel a booking or if you require further assistance please contact us.