Local Hunting Regulations

Game Bird Hunting Regulations are updated annually.

Please be aware at all times of local and national regulations to ensure the safety of others and the sustainability of Game bird Hunting. This page has hunting regulation information specific to the Otago region.

For more information on local hunting regulations, please contact the Otago Fish & Game office.

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Otago Fish & Game Region

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Hunting in Otago

Otago is a game bird hunters’ paradise. The region offers hunters a wide variety of different experiences - from decoying mobs of mallards over coastal wetlands to flushing quail in high country scrubland, and stalking Canada geese on mountain river beds.


The stronghold of the mallard population is located in the fertile and productive farmlands of south and west Otago. Large numbers of mallards can also be found on coastal estuaries, the Lake Waihola/Waipori wetlands, Lake Tuakitoto, Lower Taieri and Upper Taieri wetland areas.

Paradise ducks

Strong populations of paradise ducks are found throughout Otago particularly in areas experiencing pasture development such as much of Central Otago. In coastal Otago mobs of paradise ducks are often found on stubble and crop paddocks. These concentrations present some exciting paddock hunting opportunities throughout the season with coffin style blinds and silhouette or full-body decoys.  Hunters who observe mobs of birds and then politely ask for permission at the nearest farmhouse can be rewarded with some great shooting. Often these birds are well fed with a high proportion being young and are excellent eating when roasted. 

Californian quail

Healthy quail populations are scattered throughout Central Otago and the Southern Lakes.

Canada geese

Canada geese are no longer classified as game birds (no licence is required), but they can be found in most high country areas with resident populations in the Matukituki, Makarora, Hunter, Upper Taieri and Manuherikia river valleys. There are also excellent hunting opportunities in the Upper Clutha basin at Glenorchy, and on many Central Otago reservoirs. Smaller populations can be found on many of the coastal estuaries and wetlands as well.

More information

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Game Bird Hunting Regulations

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