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Any bird included in the game bird hunting regulations can be prepared by your chosen restaurant.

The list includes mallard duck, paradise duck, black swan, pheasant and quail. For a complete list of gamebirds permitted to be harvested click here.

A full list of participating eateries will soon be announced! You can see them here.

When you book your Gamebird Food Festival table, make sure you discuss your meal with the chef or restaurant manager. They will let you know if they have a menu prepared already, or talk to them about a special menu for you and your group.

Yes. You’ll need to pluck and dress (gut) your game birds before taking them to the restaurant. Check with the chef how long they’d like your birds to be hung before your meal, and any other preparations they need you to make.

Most eateries will need your harvested game birds at least 24 hours in advance of your booking. Remember to ask when the chef needs the game birds delivered when you book your table.

Each participating festival eatery sets their own charges for Gamebird Food Festival meals. Check with them what the price will be when you book.