Fishing Resources

So you've caught a tagged trout?FGNZ NM Riuwaka87

We don’t normally run a tagging programme in this region but our neighbouring regions may be doing so.

Please click here to send us the details of your catch and we will forward that to the right region for you.

Please include information on size, where and when you caught it as this important data to help us manage the fishery.

Anglers are asked to keep an eye out for adipose fin-clipped trout and salmon, (Some may have tags located either under the skin next to the dorsal fin or inserted in the abdominal cavity).

If an angler catches an adipose fin-clipped trout, they are asked to contact Fish & Game here with date, location caught and length & weight data, along with the tag (if fish kept).

Fish & Game would also like to receive the heads (and details), of any trout and salmon (not just tagged fish) kept in the region – for otolith analysis.

You would like to run a fishing competition?FGNZ NC RakaiaFishingC37a2

If you're thinking about running a fishing competition, you need to apply to your local Fish & Game office by clicking here.

There are a few simple rules you'll need to comply with (see information sheet below) but be aware that each Fish & Game Region also has its own specific conditions as well which they will outline when you make your application.

There may also be a fee charged for the competition permit.

If you have any questions about either of these topics, please contact your local Fish & Game office.