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Reel Life April 2022

Butchers dam competition

Calling all junior anglers! Otago Fish & Game is offering anglers aged 17 years or under the chance to win one of three Shimano rod and reel sets.

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Reel Life March 2022

Otago Reel Life – March 2022

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Reel Life February 2022

220120 Dunedin fishing spots screengrab

Dunedin has three stillwater trout fishing spots within 15 minutes’ drive from the city centre - Southern Reservoir, Sullivans Dam and the Tomahawk Top Lagoon.

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Reel Life January 2022

IMG 6811

This holiday season looks like it could be a cracker. Here’s hoping!

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Reel Life December 2021

IMG 6076

The Christmas and New Year holiday period is fast approaching.

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Reel Life November 2021

211019 Brown trout

Opening day has rolled around again, and Otago Fish and Game staff are starting to hear of some good fishing reports.

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Reel Life October 2021

IMG 4953 1

Fish should be in fine condition for the October 1 start of the fishing season after a relatively mild winter.

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Reel Life September 2021

210901 Taieri River

This time of year, brown trout are in hot pursuit of whitebait in the lower reaches.

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Reel Life March 2021

Fish heads

To any anglers harvesting sports fish in the region − we need your help.

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Reel Life February 2021


Our rangers have come across plenty of anglers out on our southern lakes, who still have trouble distinguishing between salmon, and rainbow or brown trout.

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Reel Life February 2020

Bernard Morrison Perch

A warm front in Early February delivered a lot of rain to the central and western parts of the region causing significant flooding and damage to waterways.

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Otago Reel Life January 2020

20200116 0936201 1

Anglers over the holiday period were finally treated to some great fishing conditions, January provided a sequence of calm days and some great catches were reported.

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Otago Reel Life December 2019

WC1 RL December 2019

I can’t recall a wetter or windier December than we have just received.

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Otago Reel Life October 2019

Riley Smith Dunedin Tomahawk Perch

For those of you that managed to get out for the start of the new season I trust the experience was well worth waiting for and some nice fish were landed.

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Otago Reel Life September 2019

20190831 101231

October 1 is the start of the 2019/20 season, a new licence and undisturbed water is the right formula to get started.

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Otago Reel Life August 2019

Martin Mudry of lake Hawea

Welcome to the first Otago edition of Reel life leading into the 2019/20 fishing season.

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Otago Reel Life April 2019


Autumn and winter fishing in the Otago Region can be rewarding.

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Otago Reel Life March 2019

Otago Steve1

The days are getting shorter and the mornings cooler and daylight saving finishes on Sunday, April 7.

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Otago Reel Life December 2018

2018 12 12 13.57.01

Eagerly awaited, the Christmas and New Year holiday period allows anglers to leave work behind and time to concentrate on some enjoyable angling.

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Otago Reel Life April 2017


Parts the region experienced some heavy rain in mid April and air temperatures have cooled. Coastal areas got a flush but to the west of the Region it has been...

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Southland Reel Life FEB 2017

In this month’s Reel Life article, field officer Cohen Stewart interviews retired fishing guide and honorary ranger Len Prentice to find out how the average angler can make their fishing...

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Otago Reel Life FEB 2017

In mid-February summer finally arrived and anglers were able to get out and fish in some decent weather.

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West Coast Reel Life FEB 2017

Over the past week and a half, weather conditions have improved significantly on the West Coast, with a period of excellent settled weather.

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Hawke’s Bay Reel Life Feb 2017

With February air temperatures peaking at 33OC at the airport, it was nice to receive some decent rain in the middle of the month to give the rivers a good...

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Auckland / Waikato Reel Life Feb 2017

The weather has been less than ideal recently but the heat has brought out the cicadas – and the trout that feed on them.

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Southland Reel Life JAN 2017

As mentioned in previous Reel Life articles, there have been isolated increases in mouse populations in some parts of Southland.

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North Canterbury Reel Life Jan 2017

As I write this report, the East Coast rivers in Canterbury have peaked in flood, with flows higher than seen for some time.

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Eastern Reel Life Jan 2017

Lake Rotorua’s shoreline fishery has been slow to get underway this summer due to cooler and windier than normal conditions.

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Otago Reel Life JAN 2017

It’s fair to say that the summer holiday period has been severely interrupted by some abysmal weather over the past month and leading up to the New Year.

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