Backcountry Licence

Please read the following information and click the link below to apply for your Backcountry Licence Endorsement.

To fish a designated backcountry fishery, a Backcountry Licence Endorsement is required on your licence. First, you must get one of these qualifying Whole Season Sports Fishing Licences:

  • Whole Season (Adult, Junior or Child)
  • Family*
  • Loyal Senior
  • Local Area (only qualifies for an endorsement in that region)
  • Non Resident

If you are a visitor from overseas you must buy a Non-Resident Licence.

* When a family licence is backcountry endorsed the endorsement covers both the primary and secondary licence holders.  (the secondary licence holder can only fish if they are in the company of the primary licence holder otherwise they need their own separate licence).

Once you have bought a qualifying licence you can apply for a Backcountry Licence Endorsement.

Currently, there are seven Fish & Game regions in New Zealand with designated backcountry fisheries; Wellington, Nelson/Marlborough, North Canterbury, West Coast, Central South Island, Otago and Southland. When applying for your Backcountry Endorsement you must select each region you intend to fish. You can add another region to your licence at any time.

When you have obtained your Backcountry Licence Endorsement, you will receive an updated copy of your licence by email showing the Backcountry Endorsement stamp and listing the regions for which you are endorsed. You must carry this copy of your licence when fishing designated backcountry rivers.

Please ensure that your correct personal email address is included on the application page. Online surveys are vital to the effective management of our backcountry waters and we need your support.

Remember, anglers intending to fish a Controlled Fishery must first obtain a Whole Season Licence and regional Backcountry Endorsement specific to the region where the Controlled Fishery is located.

Apply for a Backcountry Licence Endorsement