Northland Both Barrels April 2018

‘Good duck numbers' for new season  

With any luck, most of you will have had a chance to get your eye in with the opportunity provided by the special season for paradise shelduck, pukeko and black swan earlier in the year.

Right: Parrie weekend success!

There were also a number of pre-season shoots on at hunting clubs throughout Northland, and hopefully you’ve been able to attend to help hone your skills before the season.

The shoots also offer a good opportunity to introduce novice hunters to the sport. 

If you haven’t been able to pattern your shotgun, targets are available at our office .

By now you should have tagged your favourite spot with preparations for a productive season  well underway.

 Season prospects are looking good with the wet winter and a damp end to summer boosting brood production.

Good numbers of birds are being seen on the water and in the air. The trick is to get those birds moving as there is plenty of water and habitat around for them to hide in.

You should have checked your flight lines by doing some research on your spot earlier in the year.

There appears to be more maize around this year, so check out those freshly harvested paddocks.

Maize pond maybe

Great hunting spot - maize paddock pond.

Tides are not looking flash for Opening Weekend on the Kaipara with midday high tides but this may improve later in the season.

A reminder that you need to apply for permits to hunt on DOC-administered land at your local DOC office.

This year we are unable to issue the DOC permits. All other permits can be applied for here.

Northland Fish & Game have a new Field Officer based in Kaitaia. For any Fish & Game issues and information, please contact John Macpherson on 021-858 423.

Bag limits and seasons this year have remained unchanged. A full copy of the Northland hunting regulations can be found here

Remember banding information is very important; please report bands to our office by phoning 09- 438 4135 or online. The info is very helpful for managing the game bird resource.

Don’t forget to get your licence and enjoy the company of your hunting mates. Be courteous to landowners who are allowing access to their property.N 3 Nice decoy spread for a fine day.jpg 2

Nice decoy spread on a fine day.

Show our volunteer rangers a bit of respect if you come across them.  


We have two participating restaurants in the game bird food festival.

Check out The Quay or TopSail to see what a top Northland chef can do with your harvested game.  More info can be found here.

Hot Barrels!  

Fish and Game Field Officer

Andrew Kirk

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