Game bird hunting in Northland

Northland Special Paradise Shelduck Open Season

20-28 February 2021

Hunters who have purchased a 2020/21 game bird licence can hunt over this period.

Day licences are also available to be purchased from our Whangarei office, sport shops or click on the link below. 

Purchase Licence


Take a mate Hunting

2020/21 Game bird licence holders will be able to take a mate hunting who has NOT purchased a game bird licence or a previous mates licence within the last three years. Hunting for the “mate” will be permitted for the special paradise shelduck open season at a fee of $4 which is the cost of the habitat stamp.

The mate licence will need to be purchased through the Northland Fish & Game office in Whangarei:  Phone: 09 438 4135 or email:

The offer applies only to the special paradise shelduck open season – recipients of the mate’s licence must be accompanied by a whole season licence holder. This special offer only applies to game bird hunting in the Northland Fish & Game region.

All game bird hunters MUST comply with the game bird hunting regulations.

There’s never been a better opportunity to introduce your friend, spouse, son or daughter to game bird hunting.


A reminder that once you're out there hunting, if you harvest a banded duck, please send us the details using our form.

BandedDuckButton V2Fish & Game's game bird hunting licences are valid for use throughout New Zealand (except in the Chatham Islands).

Your licence is a permit to hunt for game birds in accordance with the regulations governing the Fish & Game New Zealand region in which you are hunting. It does not grant or imply any right of access over land. If you want to walk over private land, please first get the permission of the land occupier.


You must buy and sign your licence before you go hunting. You must then have your licence with you whenever you are hunting or carrying assembled hunting gear.

Licences are not upgradable, exchangeable or refundable.

Report lost or stolen licences to your local Fish and Game office and they'll issue you with a replacement.

You can view more information on game bird hunting licence categories, terms and conditions and hunting licence FAQs below.


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