Turning the Tide - Presenters

Fish & Game has gathered together a top shelf of presenters for the salmon symposium, a brief biography of each of them is below:

Dave Willis

Biologist with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, working on planning and assessment of salmon populations


Dr Tom Quinn

Professor of Aquatic and Fishery Science, University of Washington, leading authority on behaviour, ecology, evolution and conservation of salmon and trout.

Dr Duncan Gray

Senior Ecologist Environment Canterbury, working on aquatic invertebrate diversity and patterns in relation to stream health.

Rasmus Gabrielsson

Freshwater Biologist at Nelson's Cawthron Institute, specialising in aquatic ecology, zoology and evolutionary biology.

Dr Mike Joy

Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Science at Massey University, Outspoken critic about decline in the quality of freshwater ecosystems and the negative impacts of nutrients.

Mark Geytenbeek

Mark first joined MFish in January 2007 as a fisheries analyst in the Inshore Fisheries team based in the Dunedin office .  Involved in a variety of projects and strategies including developing  National Fish plans, advice on South Island  TAC reviews, other regulatory processes  as well as building  fisheries management engagement  on the Chatham Islands. Recently involved in developing the National Blue Cod Strategy including all stakeholder sector.

Mark Webb

Fish & Game Officer with Central South Island Fish & Game, with responsibilities for harvest, regulations, and all species monitoring programmes.

Steve Terry

Fish & Game Officer with North Canterbury Fish & Game, responsible for monitoring the salmon fishery in the region and is also involved in water quality monitoring of key salmon and trout spawning streams, working in collaboration with farmers to protect these valuable streams.

Hamish Stevens

Fish & Game Officer with Central South Island Fish & Game, with responsibilities game research and management , habitat advocacy and compliance.

Scott Pearson

Environmental Advisor with North Canterbury Fish & Game, responsible for advocacy for sports fish and game interests, particularly through the Resource Management Act. He is the region's spokesperson for environmental issues.

Dirk Barr

Hatchery and Compliance Manager  with North Canterbury Fish & Game, As well as running the Fish & Game Hatcheries at Montrose, Whiskey Creek and Peacock springs he has been with salmon and trout  enhancement work for over 25 years. 

Phillip de Joux

Chairman of the McKinnons Salmon Hatchery trust on the Rangitata River, long time salmon angler and Past President of the South Canterbury Salmon Anglers.

Tony Hawker

Fish & Game Officer with North Canterbury Fish & Game, responsible for the management of trout fisheries, as well as working on resource consents, He was the Environmental Officer until 2012 and has a vast experience with the RMA.

Dr Phil Jellyman

Freshwater Ecologist with NIWA in Christchurch, authority on the influence of flow regimes on the changes to freshwater fish communities.