Northland Reel Life November 2017

Warm weather brings out bugs - and trout

We’ve had a few pulses of rain but most river levels are back to normal levels.

Summer is here and the sun is starting to warm our backs. Temperatures are rising, so make use of the changing weather to target the insects trout will be feeding on.

Happy angler with great condition rainbows from Kai Iwi Lakes.

Green beetles, cicadas and dragonflies come into their own.

Look out for life-like dry and wet flies that imitate a trout’s favourite prey, and target areas with clear water and forested upper catchments to increase your chances of success, such as the Kaimamaku and Waipapa rivers.

Spin and bait fishing is allowed on our lakes and reservoirs.

Using spinning gear is a great way to introduce family members or visitors to New Zealand to trout fishing, especially when the wind is too strong for fly fishing which can be the case out west.

There are some new lures on the market that are well weighted and worth a try on Kai Iwi Lakes or for spin fishing on our rivers.

The golden grub spinsect has similar colourations to the always reliable black or zebra toby lure, and could be a good addition to your tackle box.

N 2 golden grub

The new golden grub spinsect is a likely candidate for Kai Iwi Lakes.

Check out this mouth-watering recipe for grilled stuffed rainbow trout , an excellent way to make use of your well-conditioned trout caught on the Kai Iwi Lakes.

Algal bloom updates

We are in regular contact with Far North District Council and an algal bloom continues to persist at Lake Manuwai the temporary closure is still in place. We will keep you posted on when it is lifted.

For further information contact our office or the Far North District Council on 0800-920 029.

Unfortunately we have been notified of another algal bloom at Wilson’s Dam. As a precaution, as the algae are potentially toxic to animals, Whangarei District Council has  erected warning signs advising the public against contact with the water, and warning them not to eat the fish.

For further information please contact our office or Whangarei District Council on 09-4204300.

There are plenty of other fishing spots to visit while the restrictions are in place. Check out the locations here.

For more freshwater fishing tips, or if you are a visitor to our region, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Tight lines!

Andrew Kirk, Field Officer

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