Northland Reel Life December 2017

Trout yourself this summer…anyfin' is possible!

Summer’s heating up early this year and water temperatures are already well on the rise.

We hope you’re enjoying the sun of your back. Keep in mind with the early summer insects that trout are feeding on may be changing earlier than usual.

This can be a challenging time in Northland for freshwater fishing, so keep seeking out those spots in rivers and streams with plenty of shade to keep water temps lower, and good in-stream habitat with forested reaches.

Kai Iwi Lakes serve up nice fish

With the increase in temperatures Kai Iwi Lakes is a good option to keep trout on the table over the summer period.

Try one of Ken Drummond’s tasty tempura trout recipe’s for a delicious festive treat this summer.

Be mindful of the crowds and other lake users at this time of the year and try to get out early to avoid conflicts with other lake users.

Lake levels are still high and we’ve had good reports of well-conditioned trout being caught and have been told that gut contents have been showing large numbers of Odonata or dragonfly larvae. 

Odonata dragonfly larvaeTrout treat - Odonata.

If you are fly fishing use a sinker to get you into the feeding zone and try dragonfly larvae imitations.

Gut contents are also showing the presence of bully, smelt and galaxiid so give a silver ghost toby (below right) or freshwater jellybean lure or any bully, smelt imitation a try at a depth of 11-12metres the trout are reportedly feeding well.

Silver toby

Lake Manuwai back in business

We’ve had some good news relayed to us just in time for the holiday break. After three consecutive algal bloom test results below the levels deemed unsafe for contact recreation, access to Lake Manuwai has been reinstated.

FNDC will be updating signage at Lake Manuwai accordingly. So enjoy this opportunity and make the most of it over the break.

Let us know how you get on and here’s hoping a well-conditioned trout makes it on the Xmas menu.

Visitors to the area don’t forget to check out our website for more tips on freshwater fishing and locations close to your favourite holiday spot here.

Northland Fish & Game wishes all our anglers a very merry Christmas and an even better new year!

We hope you enjoy a well-earned break.

Tight lines,

Andrew Kirk, Field Officer Northland Fish & Game

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