Freshwater fishing in Northland

Northland has hundreds of kilometres of fishable streams and rivers. Most  have heavily wooded banks which tends to keep the water cooler in the summer. Angler pressure on these streams is low, offering a semi-wilderness experience. Winter fishing in Northland offers the best opportunity to fish the lakes and reservoirs as the trout become more active in the cooler water.

Fish & Game releases hatchery-raised rainbow and brown trout annually into two natural lakes and three artificial reservoirs to provide further angling opportunities.

A number of rivers in Northland need a landowner's permission to access them but most are only too willing to allow this, providing you shut the gates and don't disturb stock. Fish & Game's Northland office stocks a  number of good access brochures which can also be downloaded from the Northland Fishing Locations and Access page.

If you catch a tagged fish, please contact the regional Fish & Game office.

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Northland Fishing Spots