2020 Northland Secondary School Clay Target Competition

Northland Secondary School Clay Target Competition

Overall Results for the 2020 Secondary School Clay Target Competition

The overall results for the 2020 Secondary school Clay Target competition are:

Ernie McConnell Family Cup – Points Score for Day

 McConnell Trophy Winners 2020

Team consists of:        Ethan Little, Hayden Askew, Ethan Hare, Cole Towgood, Jake Child

Open Skeet Individual HOA

1st        Toby Lincoln    42/50 (TAS)

2nd        Max Woolhouse  41/50 (TAS)

3rd        Ethan Hare      39/50 (WBHS)

Open Skeet Pairs HOA

1st        Max Woolhouse/Toby Lincoln            83/100 (TAS)

2nd        Ethan Hare/Cole Towgood     76/100 (WBHS)

3rd        Nick Byles/Blake Watkins       65/100 (Huanui)

HOA Teams Event

 Teams Event 1st Tauraroa Area school

1st        Tauraroa Area School # 1 (788)

Sam Doughty, Jamie Robinson, Max Woolhouse, Toby Lincoln, Ollie Child-Walker

 2nd        Whangarei Boys High School # 1

Ethan Hare, Cole Towgood, Ethan Little, Jake Child, Hayden Askew

 3rd        Huanui College (729)

Scott Slatter, Craven Whitehead, Nick Byles, Blake Watkins, Jade Culham


Open Single Rise

Single Rise Winners

1st         Cole Towgood  (39/40)

2nd        Nick Byles        (39/40)

3rd        Taz Snelling     (38/40)

Open Points Score

 Points Score Winners2

1st        Ollie Child-Walker      (113)

2nd        Cole Towgood           (112)

3rd        Nick Byles                 (108)

Single Barrel Boys 

McCoy Thomas Boys Winners 2020

1st        Blake Watkins (Huanui)

2nd        Cole Towgood (WBHS)

3rd        Jake Child        (WBHS) 

Single Barrel Girls 

McCoy Thomas Ladies Winners 2020

 1st        Catherine Gray           (Kaitaia)

2nd        Shikira Absolum          (WGHS)

3rd        Eva Hamlin                  (WGHS)

 Single Barrel Juniors

 1st        Craven Whitehead      (Huanui)

2nd        Aaron Harrison           (Kamo High School)

3rd        Sam Doughty               (TAS)

HOA Juniors

Junior Winners 2020

1st        Aaron Harrison           (Kamo High School)

2nd        Sam Doughty               (TAS)

3rd        Craven Whitehead      (Huanui)

 HOA Girls

HOA Girl Winners 2020 1st        Emma Johnstone         (TAS)

2nd        Catherine Gray           (Kaitaia)

3rd        Eva Hamlin                  (WGHS) 

HOA Boys

HOA Boys Winners 2020

1st        Cole Towgood             (WBHS)

2nd        Ollie Child-Walker      (TAS)

3rd        Nick Byles                   (Huanui)

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