Northland Secondary School Clay Target Competition


The first of the 2019 Northland Secondary Schools Competition was held at the Whangarei Combined Gun Club on Saturday 23rd March. 

The results are as follows:

1st Team       Tauraroa Area School Team 1   447

Team Members: Skye Martinac, Toby Lincoln, Max Woolhouse, Zion O’Leary, Blair Thomas

2nd Team     Whangarei Boys High Team 1    425

Team Members: Jacob Kennedy, Jake Child, Ethan Hare, Reuben King, William Hamlin   

3rd Team      Whangarei Boys High Team 2    370

Team Members: Damian Bruce, Ethan Little, Cole Towgood, Mac Rivers, Ollie Child-Walker 

HOA Boy       Skye Martinac    93/95

HOA Girl      Carlissa McCarroll   82/95

Points Score Open

1st        Reuben King

2nd       Max Woolhouse

3rd        Blair Thomas

Single Barrel Boys 

1st        Skye Martinac

2nd       Liam Hardy

3rd        Connan Wiegersma

Single Barrel Girls

1st        Molly Dickson

2nd       Catherine Gray

3rd        Eva Hamlin

Please click here to view the full results.