Lake Argyle currently has restricted access for annual maintenance to take place.    

Currently there is no inflow of water into the lake, and the lake has been partially lowered and remains cloudy.

While Trustpower have given the OK to fish and the campsite remains open, conditions are not ideal for fishing due to the lowered level and reduced water clarity.    

The lake will be off limits to anglers for weed spraying next weekend (30 November/1 December) – though this is dependent on weather and water clarity, and is liable to change depending on conditions.  

The lower hydro canal is closed and off limits from now until December 2nd

Trustpower have indicated the lake and lower canal will be refilled by 2nd December, however if this changes (earlier or later) Fish & Game will notify anglers via the website and on Facebook.  

Further to this, the lake will be closed on December 7/8 for a Powerboat Regatta between the hours of 8am to 5pm. 

Anglers may fish before 8am and post the conclusion of the event after 5pm. 

Fish & Game will be releasing fish into the lake at the earliest opportunity, once conditions are suitable.  There will be a tanker load of fish released into the lower hydro canal, as well as the lake itself receiving several hundred fish.

Additionally, we have just released a tanker load of fish into the lower Leatham, and are due to put more fish into the mid-upper Branch/Leatham during the week (25-29 November).

Thank you for your understanding. 

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