The Inaugural Canterbury Wild Duck Hunters Comp

landing mallardNorth Canterbury Fish and Game have changed tack from the past Great Black Swan Hunt competition with a focus of encouraging hunter participation.

This new format competition has the potential to become a very popular event, and will certainly be a celebration of the historic sport of game bird hunting.

Large numbers of hunters are the key component to the success of this event, so game bird licence holders are urged to get ready for the best game bird hunting competition in the country, “The Canterbury Wild Duck Hunters Comp”. 

Full details of the event with be publicised during the season in the way of posters in Hunting and Fishing stores, and in the emailed Both Barrels publications monthly. 

A six day game bird hunting competition be held to celebrate the harvest of our wild game birds, starting mid-season, Monday 18th  to Saturday 23rd June. 

The defined hunting area is only in the North Canterbury region, although the competition is not restricted to North Canterbury licence holders. All regional game bird licence holders, Senior and Junior are invited, and a Junior section will be included.

The location of the competition is based in the Ellesmere area at the Springston Hotel. 

There are 5 species of birds. Mallard/Grey Ducks, Paradise Shelduck, Black Swan, Pukeko, and Canada Geese.

There will be a nightly weigh in at the “Mai Mai Weigh Station” at the hotel every night of the week from 5.30pm – 7.30pm.

Spot prizes will be drawn from all species entered daily, including a super draw.

However these prizes awarded will remain a mystery until the final prize giving on Saturday.

The grand final prize draws and social gathering, will be on Saturday night at the hotel, the weigh station will be open until 8pm that night.

Another feature on the night will be the Canterbury Open Duck Calling Competition.

There is a Senior and Junior section and any one is welcome to enter on the night, lots of great prizes are up for grabs.

Categories for “The Canterbury Wild Duck Hunters Comp” 

  • Heaviest Brace of Mallards/Grey Ducks. (1 male 1 female)
  • Best presented Brace of Mallards. (1 male 1 female) a chefs perspective.
  • Heaviest Brace of Paradise Shelduck. (1 male 1 female)
  • Heaviest Brace of Pukeko.
  • Heaviest Black Swan.
  • Most Black Swans Shot daily & overall.
  • Most Canada Geese Shot daily & overall.
  • The Feathered Five Grand Slam  (one of each, collected over the six days).
  • The Triple Brace. Mallard/Grey Duck 1 male, 1 female, Paradise Shelduck 1 male 1 female, and 2 Pukeko (shot in one 24 hour period). 

The final major prize draw will include at least one semi automatic shotgun valued at $2,300, and a $500 Hunting and Fishing voucher.

Many other great prizes will also be added to the list. Please be aware that in the event of winning a firearm, a current firearms licence must be produced at the time. If not the prize will be redrawn.

Hunters must register at the time of weighing in their birds, and present their 2018 game bird hunting licence. All game birds shot during the week days must be entered fresh or (within 24 hours the following day) and only by the hunter who shot them, Birds may only be presented once, and will be marked when weighed in.