Game birds are lean and with very low fat content, so they shouldn't be cooked like commercial chicken (they are also much better for you!). The trick is to cook all game birds slowly.

Use a slow cooker, and if cooking in the oven, use oven bags or foil to keep the moisture in. It is common to drape bacon rashers over the meat to add moisture/fat to the cooking process.

Do not over cook. To see if the bird is ready, poke a skewer into the deepest part of the meat – if the juices runs clear, it’s ready. If bloody, keep cooking.

There are thousands of recipes for game birds, be it in crockpots, conventional ovens, microwaves or even barbecues. You should be able to find good game cookbooks without too much trouble in larger sports shops and most larger book shops. The Internet is also a brilliant source of game recipes.

You will also find a few good recipes to try with your game birds in this section.