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Both Barrels June 2022


Game bird hunters have a new long weekend for hunting (23rd-25th June) so get out there and explore our public land opportunities in North Canterbury.

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Both Barrels May 2022


The game bird season in North Canterbury has just begun so over the next three months so get out there and make the most of the opportunities our region has...

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Both Barrels April 2022

Screen Shot 2022 04 19 at 1.25.06 PM

It is that time of year now when daylight hours are getting shorter which means game bird hunters are getting excited about the new season upon them.

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Both Barrels July 2021


Despite there being only a few days left in the traditional North Canterbury Fish & Game game bird hunting season, with Sunday the 25th the last day, there are heaps...

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Both Barrels June 2021


Game bird hunters in North Canterbury have one of the country's longest seasons, which gives you plenty of options and chances to maximise your game bird hunting licence.

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Both Barrels May 2021


With one of the longest game bird seasons in the country, hunters in the North Canterbury region have lots of opportunities to get out there and harvest game birds.

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Both Barrels March 2021

cover no bleed Duck 21 FishandGame

With less than six weeks to go until the game bird season, we welcome our readers of Both Barrels for 2021, the place where we keep you up to date...

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South Island Roundup - Both Barrels 2018

Ace game bird chef Phil Hazeldine presiding over a wild game feast.

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Both Barrels August 2018

SS 1 Phil gamebird fest

As the 2018 game bird season draws to a close, many hunters are reflecting on their success, saying it has been the best season they have experienced for a long time.

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North Canterbury Both Barrels July 2018


Its hard to believe that the end of the main duck hunting season is nearly finished as at the time of writing the last weekend is approaching.

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North Canterbury Both Barrels June 2018

FGNZ NC WildDuckCompFinal4a

Hunters from around the country converged on North Canterbury to take part in the first Canterbury Wild Duck Competition.

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Both Barrels Special Edition March 2018

BBaprilCSI2 Calling birds on sunrise opening 2019

Welcome to this special issue of Both Barrels

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