Youth Programme

Welcome to the Fish & Game Fish In Schools programme.

Why raise salmon in the first place?

fish n schoolsSalmon are an introduced sports fish and are highly valued. They have thrived in the South Island of New Zealand since their introduction over 100 years ago and provide some of the best sportfishing in the world.

Salmon are beautiful fish with an amazing life cycle but more than this they are like the “canary in the coal mine” in that they require clean healthy waterways to survive and their presence is a great indicator of the health of our waterways.

Unfortunately the health of many of our streams, rivers and lakes in New Zealand is under threat from human activity.

By raising salmon in a classroom tank from ova to fingerlings ready for release into a nearby waterway children and their families can become aware of the issues facing us in keeping our waterways healthy and life sustaining.

By caring for these fish in a controlled environment children learn about the real needs and amazing life cycle of these wonderful fish.

Download a PDF version explaining about how our Fish in School Salmon program can be implemented in your classroom.


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