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Both Barrels July 2022

Grey duck credit Geoff Irvine

Do you hunt or fish in the Molesworth? If so, please take note.

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Both Barrels June 2022

Eves Valley

Fish & Game’s Lawson Davey successfully saw through the completion of the Eves Valley wetland.

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Both Barrels May 2022

Paddock hunters2

We had two teams out on what was a very typical top of the South Opening Weekend – fine and calm.

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Both Barrels April 2022

Wairau Lagoons

With the 2022 game season knocking on the door, it sure is an exciting time to be a game bird hunter.

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Both Barrels March 2022

Main Both Barrels Banner Proof175

Both Barrels will start in earnest in April, giving all hunters access to some of the best minds in game bird hunting in New Zealand.

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Both Barrels July 2021

Jack Gauld1

With the regular season done and dusted now its now time to turn our attention to what’s still on offer.

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Both Barrels June 2021

Tom Darling

There are heaps of hunting blocks available to book in the Tasman Pine Forests upland game area.

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Both Barrels May 2021

Jack Gauld Quail

Blue skies dawned on the first Saturday of May as is the norm for this region.

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Both Barrels April 2021

Forestry quail 1

Fish & Game are pleased to announce we have secured an arrangement with Tasman Pine Forests to provide a great upland game hunting opportunity in Tasman.

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Both Barrels March 2021

cover no bleed Duck 21 FishandGame

With less than six weeks to go until the game bird season, we welcome our readers of Both Barrels for 2021, the place where we keep you up to date...

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Both Barrels July 2020

Troy lagoons

For this season your elected Fish & Game Councillors approved an extended swan season.

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Both Barrels June 2020

Lawson Waimea

Our compliance efforts on Opening Day this year concentrated on public land hunting around the Waimea/Motueka area.

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Both Barrels May 2020

Wams map

We only have a few days till the start of the unique 2020 game bird season.

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Nelson/Marlborough Both Barrels July 2019

Rabbit Island quail

With the regular season all but done and dusted for 2019, quail and pukeko are still on the menu for a while yet.

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Both Barrels South Island Roundup

FGNZ WC Shoveler Survey73

The waterfowl 2017 season has been and gone. We hope you managed to get out on a few hunting adventures this year and filled the freezer with enough duck to...

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Both Barrels North Island Roundup

N BB 1 Heath worsfolds truck pheasant with happy pup sneak2

Heath Worsfold’s truck with a nice pheasant and a happy pup named Sneak.

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Nelson Marlborough Both Barrels July 2017

Graham Wilson Greys

Each year in late March or early April, Fish & Game staff undertake our annual ‘greylard’ counts for all mallard, grey, and hybrid ducks.

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