Fishing Regulations

Fish & Game NZ provides regulations for fishing and game bird hunting throughout New Zealand (except Taupo, where fishing is administered by DOC). These regulations are amended each year to suit changing sporting and environmental conditions.

Local Regulations:

Each region has its own set of regulations which are enforced alongside the broader national regulations. Please study and abide by local regulations at all times – they are designed to ensure the sustainability of game bird hunting and fishing and safeguard New Zealand’s wonderful natural resources.

To view the freshwater fishing regulations for your local region, click on the map at the top right of this page to select your region, and then click on the 'Fishing Regulations' link under Fishing (in the left-hand column of the page).

‘Rules & Regs’- Anglers Notice in the NZ Gazette:

The purpose of the Anglers’ Notice is to set out the conditions under which a licence holder may fish for sports fish in each Fish & Game region. As soon as practicable after the notice for each season is approved by the Minister of Conservation, the NZ Council is required to publish the notice in the New Zealand Gazette.

Anglers Notice in the NZ Gazette

Fish & Game Fishing Regulations Booklets:

Fish & Game New Zealand reproduces the regulations contained in the Notice in the form of North and South Island booklets as free guides for anglers. Anglers should ensure they obtain a booklet when they purchase a fishing licence.

The regulations printed in the guide booklets are subject to the Minister of Conservation’s approval. A copy of the published notice in the New Zealand Gazette is available above.

North Island Fishing regulations for 2022-23 season

South Island Fishing regulations for 2022-23 season

Licences, Fees and Forms Notice:

The Licences, Fees and Forms Notice sets the different forms and classes of a fishing licence. It is issued under the authority of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989. Each notice is signed by the Minister of Conservation and administered by the Department of Conservation.

Click here to view the current Sports Fishing Licences, Fees, and Forms Notice.


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