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Reel Life January 2021

Leatham release Dec 2020

Staff have recently dived the Opouri River and Spring Creek, and, despite a rather wet early summer, have completed half of the planned drift dives for this summer.

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Reel Life December 2020

Argyle large Brown Nov 2020

One of our dedicated voluntary Rangers, Bruce McKenzie, bumped into a couple from the North Island, fishing with Family Licence.

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Reel Life November 2020

Blai Daniel

The rather wet spring experienced in the top of the South has been a source of frustration for anglers, though don’t fret – the rivers will come good at some...

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Reel Life October 2020

Nick Molineaux

Spring fishing is generally characterised by changeable weather patterns and full river flows, and this year has been no exception.

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Reel Life September 2020

Travers trout

With the season looming ever so closer, excitement is building nicely as we look forward to hitting the water which has been rested for the past five months.

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Reel Life August 2020

RL Header

The new fishing season is only five weekends away and your new season fishing licence will unlock the full fishing potential of New Zealand for you to explore.

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Nelson/Marlborough Reel Life November 2019

Tagged rainbow2

Fish & Game are hosting a free family fishing day at Lake Argyle on 18 January 2020, as a way to encourage new anglers to take up trout fishing.

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Nelson Marlborough Reel Life Mar 2017

FGNZ NM Riuwaka81

Trout flying bright green streamers were released into the Riuwaka River during a day long operation in mid-March. 

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Otago Reel Life Mar 2017

20170308 124710

Calm conditions and clear water through March was welcomed by anglers.

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West Coast Reel Life MAR 2017

Dallas Dowdell with a Nice South Westland Salmon Caught Last Week

Conditions have certainly come right recently, with great fishing available.

Both opportunities for salmon and trout fishing have been excellent this month, as the weather has settled down and the river flows have stabilised.

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North Canterbury Reel Life Mar 2017

FGNZ NC KidsFishingday3

Late March and early April often brings settled weather to the Canterbury region. Insect activity is high, especially on calm days.

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Southland Reel Life Mar 2017


Finally, in a clear patch of weather Southland staff were able to get out and undertake drift diving surveys as part of their annual trout monitoring program.

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Central South Island Reel Life Mar 2017

RLmar17CSI2 box ticked Rhys Adams returned to this river found while hunting

April is the last month of the ‘summer’ fishing season.

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