Hunting Regulations

Game bird Hunting Regulations and Guides are updated annually.

Please be aware at all times of local and national regulations to ensure the safety of others and the sustainability of Game bird Hunting.

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Game bird hunting regulations

For the current Hawke's Bay game bird hunting regulations please download from the bottom of this page.

A Couple of things to remember

296 Karamu Duck Shooting 11 Apr 2019Hawkes Bay restricted shooting areas, Click on the map for a bigger view.

Access is a privilege not a right so if in doubt, please ask!

Land owners frequently have paradise duck and swan problems and often appreciate flocks being dispersed by hunters.

Often they might offer the opportunity to shoot a vacant pond.

In any case a personal courteous approach is by far your best bet.

Please do not leave the bodies or parts of shot game on the hunting ground.

If carcasses are left in the field it can encourage unwanted predators as well as ill feeling from other hunters and the non-hunting public.

Please make yourself familiar with the Closed Game Areas and Wildlife Refuges scattered throughout Hawke’s Bay.



Wildlife Refuges

  1. The bed of the Tuki Tuki River between Waimarama Bridge and a line running from the north of the Mangangara Stream to the road at the southwestern corner of Section 9 and 15 in the Te Mata Survey District (8km upstream)
  2. Lakes Tutira, Orakei, and Waikopiro and certain surrounding land
  3. Horseshoe Lake, Elsthorpe
  4. The property of R H, J R, and T R Hartree, Puketitiri
  5. The Westshore Ponds
  6. The spit south of the mouth of the Ngaruroro River
  7. Rakautana Forest, Waikoau
  8. Pauhanui Bush, Gwavas Station, Tikokino.

Poaching problems?

We have set up a 0800 POACHING (0800-762-244) number. If you witness any fish and game offences let us know as soon as possible.

Wetland Creation

For information and advice on wetland creation contact the staff at your local Fish & Game office. Wetlands in the Hawkes Bay Region are now rare. In some parts less than one percent of the original wetlands remain.
The Game Bird Habitat Trust fund is one source of funding for enhancement, purchase or development of wetlands.
If you have a proposal to create or enhance a large area of wetland we may be able to assist you obtaining some funding.

Game Bird Hunting Regulations

Download the latest regulations for this region below.


Hawke's Bay Hunting Spots