Hawke’s Bay Both Barrels Apr 2017

‘Bright prospects’ for Opening Weekend

After the recent rains, there are plenty of opportunities for waterfowl hunters to have a great Opening Weekend.

Traditional spots including ponds and wetlands should see plenty of ducks to hunt, but those hunters targeting flooded paddocks will do well.

Right: Flooded paddocks are a great place for game bird hunters to have an enjoyable hunt.

Hawke’s Bay Fish & Game staff would like to remind hunters to look at the regulations prior to Opening Weekend.  The mallard limit is eight birds per hunter per day.  Hunters can still shoot two New Zealand shovlelers and 10 paradise shelducks.

Game bird hunters are encouraged to take opportunities to hunt other game birds through the region – that supports good populations of California quail and pheasants.  There are plenty of opportunities to harvest paradise shelducks in the agricultural regions. And for the hunter who likes a challenge there are good numbers of pukeko throughout the region.

Three shots only 

This year all game bird hunters must have their shotguns limited to three shots.  The legislation reads:

No person may hunt or kill game birds, as specified, within the Hawke’s Bay region with any magazine shotgun of a calibre 10 gauge or less unless the shotgun:

(a)     has a magazine of any type adjusted with a one piece filler which is incapable of removal without disassembling the gun; or

(b)     the magazine is pinned in accordance with Regulations made under this Act;

so that the magazine shotgun is incapable of holding more than two shells in the magazine, with no more than three shells in the magazine and chamber combined, at any one time.

HBBB April 2017BMake your shots count - the three shot rule is now in force!

Report your duck bands

It is vitally important for waterfowl hunters to report any banded duck that they shot. By reporting your band numbers, we can make better management decisions.  You can report your bands by:

            Going through the Fish & Game website

            Phoning in to the Hawke’s Bay Fish & Game Office (06-8442460)

            Filling out a form at a participating licencing agent (sports store, etc)

The key information that we need when you report your duck band are the hunter’s name and contact details (so we can provide you with a history of your duck). Also, the date the duck was shot along with the region and nearest city.

Also tell us where the bird was shot (closest road name, road number, coordinates, the more accurate the better)

HBBB April 2017CRemember to report the details of any banded birds that you harvest.

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