Game bird hunting in Hawke's Bay

The region is defined by river catchments, extending north to the Mohaka, west to the Ngaruroro, southwest to encompass the Tukituki systems, with the southern border reaching the Tautane Stream just south of Cape Turnagain.

Mallard, grey duck and hybrids are the most popular game birds of the region. Both these species respond well to calling and decoying and are found on most of the region's rivers, streams, dams and lakes. Shoveler are transient birds for most of the season and are renowned for their fast flying and elusiveness. Paradise shelduck are wide spread and can be hunted successfully in most locations. Low lying farmland with water nearby is ideal for hunting using silhouette decoys. If you want to target parries, pastures and river beds are good places to start.

Hawke's Bay hosts a good population of ring-necked pheasant and varying numbers of California quail. The best hunting is in scrubby river margins and forestry plantations with blocks of young trees. Pheasants are mainly  hunted in the major river systems with the Waipawa, Tukituki, Ngaruroro and Tutaekuri well worth a look. The best hunting is generally where good cover and watering opportunities are found (i.e. river basins), especially where they border orchards and cropping areas. A dog is recommended as an easier way to cover ground effectively.

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Hawke's Bay Hunting Spots