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Reel Life December 2021

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Spring has well and truly sprung. October has come and passed, and with it, some excellent early season fishing.

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Reel Life November 2021

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Hawke's Bay

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Reel Life October 2021

long range forecast opening 2021

The start of Hawke’s Bay’s new trout season is only days away, on Friday, October 1st.

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Reel Life September 2021

Paula photo 2

Here we go again! Covid is back and the familiar jingle of the 1 pm updates provide us with an unwanted sense of déjà vu.

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Reel Life March 2021

Upper ngaruroro 2 1

Autumn is here and with it, a significant change in temperature; something the trout really will be enjoying.

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Reel Life February 2021

Blair Tutaekuri

Bar a series of very hot days where the mercury reached into the mid-30s, the Hawke’s Bay summer has been a bit milder than recent years and anglers in the...

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Reel Life February 2020

Twin Lakes Brown

The temperature is hot and the cicadas are singing their chorus which means there’s bound to be great fishing!

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Hawke's Bay Reel Life January 2020

Brown RL Jan 20

We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year holiday and took the time to get out on our rivers and lakes to do some fishing.

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Hawke's Bay Reel Life December 2019

Ngaruroro release 1

After no significant rain for the past month the rivers are low and extremely easy to find fish in.

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Hawke's Bay Reel Life October 2019


It’s another year gone by; a great season was had by many Hawke’s bay anglers in 2019.

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Hawke's Bay Reel Life September 2019

Blair Tutaekuri Rainbow

With a new season upon us, Hawkes’ Bay anglers are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a stretch of water to try their luck on.

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Hawke's Bay Reel Life August 2019


Winter has settled in the Bay bringing a few frosts, heavy rains and high rivers and trout throughout the region have started their spawning runs up the rivers and tributaries.

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Hawkes Bay Reel Life April 2019


As the days shorten and you think about lighting the fire, Lake Tutira becomes the destination of choice for many Hawke’s Bay anglers.

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Hawke's Bay Reel Life March 2019

HB tutira

Summer conditions are still holding on and rivers are still in want of some much-needed rain.

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Hawke's Bay Reel Life December 2018

IMG 0954

In the last Reel Life article we prayed for rain to top up our region’s rivers…. we certainly got what we asked for!

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Hawke's Bay Reel Life April 2017

HB reel life April 2017 pic 2

April has largely been a wet month for the Hawke’s Bay region with many of the rivers in flood or too coloured to fish.

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Southland Reel Life FEB 2017

In this month’s Reel Life article, field officer Cohen Stewart interviews retired fishing guide and honorary ranger Len Prentice to find out how the average angler can make their fishing...

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West Coast Reel Life FEB 2017

Over the past week and a half, weather conditions have improved significantly on the West Coast, with a period of excellent settled weather.

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Hawke’s Bay Reel Life Feb 2017

With February air temperatures peaking at 33OC at the airport, it was nice to receive some decent rain in the middle of the month to give the rivers a good...

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Auckland / Waikato Reel Life Feb 2017

The weather has been less than ideal recently but the heat has brought out the cicadas – and the trout that feed on them.

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Southland Reel Life JAN 2017

As mentioned in previous Reel Life articles, there have been isolated increases in mouse populations in some parts of Southland.

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North Canterbury Reel Life Jan 2017

As I write this report, the East Coast rivers in Canterbury have peaked in flood, with flows higher than seen for some time.

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Eastern Reel Life Jan 2017

Lake Rotorua’s shoreline fishery has been slow to get underway this summer due to cooler and windier than normal conditions.

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Otago Reel Life JAN 2017

It’s fair to say that the summer holiday period has been severely interrupted by some abysmal weather over the past month and leading up to the New Year.

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