Fish & Game Election 2021 - What you need to know

Here you will find the information you need for the Fish & Game elections – however, if you require any clarification on any points please contact your local Fish & Game office.

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Each Fish & Game Council election follows the process set out in the Fish & Game Council Regulations 1990,  click here if you would like to find out more about the process.


To be shown on the electoral roll you should have registered to be an elector at the time of buying a licence (by signing or ticking the electoral box on the licence form).

You are entitled to be on the roll if you hold an adult whole season fishing or hunting licence, or are the primary holder of a family fishing licence for the current fishing season, or current game season.

Even if you didn’t tick the box on the licence form you may still be eligible to vote. You are eligible to vote if you hold one of those licences and decide in the three months before the close of the roll that you do want to vote.

Your name however, must appear on the electoral roll for your preferred Fish and Game Council.

To check whether your name is on the roll or have it added, please contact your local Fish & Game office.


At each election period you will need to visit the resource page for that election where you will find:

  • Candidacy handbook
  • Enrolment form
  • Regional candidacy papers
  • Public notices by region

Voting instructions

Voting papers will be posted in early September this year.

Once the election process is underway, you will be able to vote online using the link below (note - not yet activated). Online voting is available up to 5:00 pm of the closing date, October 8.

If you intend to vote by post, you will need to post your voting papers by the Friday before to ensure they are received by the Returning Officer by the close of postal voting on October 12.

PLEASE NOTE: Voting will occur only where there are more candidates than the available seats on each regional Fish & Game council. If this does not occur, these candidates are automatically elected without an election taking place.

ONLINE VOTING - click here.