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March 2016

Get set for some fine hunting

Hanging Game Welcome to to this special issue of Both Barrels

We're counting down to a later-than-normal Opening Day on Saturday May 7.

By now you've hopefully finished your pre-season careful preparations (and don't forget Pegging Day April 10!). On the off chance you've been too busy, you'll find below some useful tips to help you get all set for Opening Day.

The good news - this season you'll find there's more opportunity for game bird hunting with two North Island regions Eastern and Wellington have both opted for longer seasons and bigger bag limits. In the South, a couple of regions have tweaked their regulations to improve the hunting experience.

Licences are available for sale online from March 17 2016 - click here to buy yours. Getting your licence as soon as possible should ensure you'll have your sturdy plastic tag to mark up your maimai anytime up until pegging day (10 April 2016).

Good luck with the preparation work and read on … and we're here to answer any questions you have!

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Preparing your Maimai
We've escaped the drought-like conditions that hit most of the country last summer. But hopefully many of you will have been out to your maimai or stand to check on water levels and do any fix up needed. Read more

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Are you shooting straight & true?

Whether you've got a state of the art Italian shotgun or a cheapie off Trademe, you still to make sure it's patterned properly. Any shotgun, whether it's double barrelled or a magazine gun, can suffer from poor barrel alignment or incompatibility with the cartridges you are using. Read more

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Don't get caught out - swot up on the Rules and Regulations

Study the rules and regulations before you head out this Opening Day, Saturday May 7. The law is clear about practices such as not shooting from or near roadways, shooting on private land without permission, etc. Learn more

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Game Season 2016 Key Dates

To read more click here

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