RMA Reforms

On this page you’ll find useful resources on the RMA and Freshwater Reforms and what you can do to help.

RMA side bar 0Changes to the RMA and freshwater management recently outlined by the Government will gut its environmental protections and pave the way for further rampant exploitation of our finite water resources.

Current protection of habitats and consideration of recreation and environmental quality would go with these sweeping reforms, which is completely against the recommendations made to the Government through the Land & Water Forum’s (LWF) so-called “collaborative process”.

The Government’s proposals will fundamentally change the context of the RMA without actually defining what the problem is with the current law – anecdote, rather than analysis, is being used to force these raft of extreme changes.

The RMA enables sustainable resource use while providing some environmental protection, but in future it will promote resource use with fewer protections; in other words, unsustainable and unchecked development at the expense of our environment.

Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC legal analysis on RMA reforms

Click here for a copy of Sir Geoffrey's substantive legal analysis on the RMA - 'Protecting NZ's environment', released September 11, 2013.
Click here for a copy of Sir Geoffrey's legal analysis of the Government's proposed RMA reforms.

Having your say

Submissions have now closed but you can still lobby your local MP.

We advise anglers and hunters to write to and visit your local MPs to express concern at the proposed changes - your voice does count! A full list of all MPs and their contact details is available here.

Some simple facts you need to know!

Fast Facts - A fact sheet detailing the implications of the Govt's proposals can be found here.

Click here for the full report on the Govt's RMA plans.
Click here for the full report on the Govt's Freshwater Reform plans.

RMA reform presentation

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation outlining what the Government's reforms mean for the environment (4Mb file).

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Legal opinion on RMA review
Legal opinion on Freshwater Reform 2013 - WCO implications
Fish & Game NZ submission on RMA
Fish & Game NZ submission on Freshwater Reform

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