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Hugh Creasy's Column September 2020


There had been a fresh fall of snow on the tops, and the water was cold.

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Children's chance to catch a rainbow trout!

IMG 0683

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Precautionary Closure to Upper Tekapo Canal Trout Fishery

Photo 2 Anglers fish a popular stretch of the upper Tekapo Canal known as the Magic Carpet July 2020 Credit Rhys Adams

Angler concern over the sustainability of one of the world’s best “trophy” trout fisheries will lead to a precautionary closure during the 2021 winter fishing season.

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Hugh Creasy's column August 2020


Winter flies are stored away – those big, fluffy things that imitate small fish and the eggs of spawning hens.

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Tekapo trout tagging project underway


Hundreds of Lake Tekapo trout have been relocated by Central South Island Fish & Game recently and most of them have a new important “accessory” on them.

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A quick guide to fishing around Rotorua during the Covid 19 restrictions

2004 0719Image0026

From April 28th we will again be able to fish locally for trout around the Rotorua region.

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South Island salmon harvest survey to start


South Island salmon anglers are being asked for their help in the first east coast wide salmon harvest survey.

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Notice office closure - Covid-19

Hello everyone.,Our offices will be closed during the Covid-19 lockdown. We will be working behind the scenes, so you can contact us in the usual manner: Tel 07 357 5501...

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Notice Aniwhenua levels lowered

We have been advised by Pioneer Energy that water levels at Lake Aniwhenua are to be lowered as below:

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Review of local angling rules underway

IMG 065

The Eastern Fish and Game Council are currently reviewing its angling rules (dubbed the ‘Anglers Notice’) and are seeking feedback on several proposed changes.

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Respect the river – know the risks

Mercury Aratiatia spill SML

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News of closures – Eastern Fish & Game region

We have been advised that the DOC camping ground at the Lake Tarawera outlet is temporarily closed. Contact DOC for more information.

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Health warning issued for Lake Okaro

20190215 Lake Okaro

Health warning issued for Lake Okaro

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Boat Fishing 'how to'. Lake Tarawera 4th Jan 2020

fish tuition TAR

Fish & Game provide ‘how-to’ boat fishing knowledge

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Fish for Gold 2019

Fish for Gold 2019 thumbnail jpg2

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New fishing season off to a flying start

FGNZ7385a Nine year old Blake Marrett had success with wormfishing on Lake Opuha with this lovely brown trout

Despite cool weather, thousands of keen anglers around the country have been enjoying success as they try to catch a trout for the family dinner table following the opening of...

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Hugh Creasy Column


“It’s simple, really,” said Sage, “Go deep, go heavy, go big.”

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Illegal fishing method discovered

FGNZ CSI CanalFishery07

Fish & Game Rangers have become alerted to an illegal fishing rig being used at the Mackenzie Basin Hydro Canals.

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Salmon crisis prompts rule changes

Faced with continual decline in the sea run salmon fishery, the two Canterbury Fish & Game regions have voted this week to align most of their salmon regulations.

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Weekly Fishing Report North Canterbury

IMG 20190417 0747432

Welcome anglers to the final weekly fishing report for the current season.

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