Archive: 31/03/2017

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North Canterbury Fishing Report Friday 31st March 2017

Over the last week there has been some great salmon fishing in the mid reaches of the Waimakariri River.

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Will Spry Fishing Report Mar 2017

Fish eye view of a rainbow trout Photo Dave Shaw2

With the late arrival of Summer (deliberate capital S), we have enjoyed some great fishing in the Mackenzie Country.

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Graeme Marshall Fishing Report Mar 2017

South Canterbury Report for March 2017

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Creasy's Column - by Hugh Creasy

Underwater Rainbow Dave Shaw3

I like to doze in the afternoons. Not that I’m lazy – I just find it pleasant.

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NZFFA Report Mar 2017

It’s fair to say that Minister for the Environment, Nick Smith, has had a pretty rough ride lately - his latest proposed freshwater standards have been ridiculed, Federated Mountain...

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