Where to Hunt Game Birds

This page has game bird hunting location and access information for spots across the Eastern Region.

You can download hunting access maps and pamphlets using the links below, or pick up a copy by visiting your local hunting shop or the Eastern Fish & Game Office.

Eastern Region Game Bird Hunting Ballots & Casual Permits:

Eastern Fish & Game hold annual ballots for hunting sites in wetlands managed by the Council. To view the results of those ballots, click here.

Hunters may register for the ballot before the end of the first week in November. All you have to do is write to us with your name, address, and phone number and we'll send you a ballot application form. Hunters in the previous year's ballot will automatically be sent an application form. If you have changed your address make sure you tell us.

Casual Permits to Hunt in the Wetlands:

Casual permits, for non-ballot holders to hunt wetlands administered by Eastern Fish & Game, can be obtained by ringing or writing to the office in Rotorua. Casual permits to hunt in the wetlands aren't available until after the first two weeks (including three weekends) of the season. This allows a good period of un-interupted hunting for ballot holders.

Gate Restrictions for Balloted Wetlands - 2019 Hunting Season:

Some reserves are kept locked to combat vandalism and other unauthorised access.

Click here to view the gates which will be unlocked to provide hunting access at various Eastern Region-managed wetlands for the 2019 season.

Upland Game Bird Hunting:

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Upland Game Bird Hunting

Some of New Zealand's best pheasant and quail hunting is found in the Eastern Region. A lot of this hunting is in the production forestry areas of the Bay of Plenty managed by Timberlands Ltd. For information on how to obtain a permit to hunt in these forests contact First Security, 23 Monokia Street, Rotorua Ph 07-347 0297 Upland game bird hunters in the Gisborne- East Coast area can apply to Juken New Zealand LTD for permits to hunt game birds within forest blocks that they manage in the Gisborne and Wairoa area, this includes the Patunamu and Wharerata Forests. Permits and more information relating to this is available from the Juken NZ office at 74 McDonalds Rd, Matawhero, Gisborne, Ph 06 869 1100.

Wetland Creation

For information and advice on wetland creation, contact the staff at your local Fish & Game office. Wetlands in the Eastern Region are now rare. In some parts less than 1% of the original wetlands remain.

The Habitat Trust fund is one source of funding for enhancement, purchase or development of wetlands. If you have a proposal to create or enhance a large area of wetland we may be able to assist you obtain funding.


Eastern Hunting Spots