Eastern Hunting Regulations

Game Bird Hunting Regulations and Guides are updated annually.

Please be aware at all times of local and national regulations to ensure the safety of others and the sustainability of game bird hunting.

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Eastern Fish & Game region

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 Hunting in the Eastern region

A brochure on game bird hunting in the Eastern Region is available at your local sports shop or Eastern Fish & Game office. Or click here to download it.

Eastern Fish & Game holds annual ballots for hunting sites in the wetlands it manages (for details, click here). Hunters can register for the ballot before the end of the first week of November. All you have to do is write to us beforehand with your name, address and phone number and we will send you a ballot application form. Hunters in last year’s ballot will automatically be sent an application form. If you've changed your address make sure you notify us. 

Casual permits to hunt in the wetlands

Casual permits, for non-ballot holders to hunt wetlands administered by Eastern Fish & Game, can be obtained by ringing or writing to the office in Rotorua. Casual permits are available after the first two weeks of the season. This allows successful ballot holders two weeks of undisturbed hunting.

Upland game hunting

Some of New Zealand’s best pheasant and quail hunting is found in the Eastern Region. A lot of this hunting is in the production forestry areas of the Bay of Plenty managed by Timberlands Limited. Permits to hunt in the forest are issued by First Security, 07-347 0297.

Wetland creation

For information and advice on wetland creation contact the staff at your local Fish & Game offices. Wetlands in the Eastern Region are now rare. In some parts less than 1% of the original wetlands remain.
The Game Bird Habitat Trust fund is one source of funding for enhancement, purchase or development of wetlands.
If you have a proposal to create or enhance a large area of wetland we may be able to help you obtain funding.

Eastern Region game bird hunting regulations

The Eastern regulations, including season lengths and bag limits, are in the North Island Game Bird Hunting Guide.

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Eastern Hunting Spots