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Eastern Both Barrels August 2019

Eastern Swan

The game bird season finishes at the end of August (25th) but remember there is a special swan season in management area A1 (see Figure 1) and for pukeko for...

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Eastern Both Barrels July 2019


Hunters are no exception, we all die, but here’s the thing, when hunters die, they leave a hunting buddy behind and family/friends is often what duck hunting is all about.

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Eastern Both Barrels June 2019

Novice Hunter

Well the duck season started OK but took a dive after opening weekend.

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Eastern Both Barrels May 2019

DSC 4824

The opening of the game bird season in the Eastern Region got off to a better start than predicted.

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Eastern Both Barrels April 2019


A long dry summer is usually good for pheasant and quail but not so great for the ducks.

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