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Both Barrels June 2022

DSC 7940

Errol Johnson had one of his best seasons ever.

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Both Barrels May 2022


Opening weekend proved to be quite good in the Bay of Plenty but hard work in many other places in the Eastern Region.

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Both Barrels April 2022

20220129 075104

The game bird season kicks off on the 7th of May. Our prediction is that the opening weekend will be similar to the last three years.

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Both Barrels July 2021

20210515 131157

It’s not over until the fat lady sings and I ain't heard her sing yet.

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Both Barrels June 2021

20210515 131155 1A

Band recoveries always produce some interesting surprises.

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Both Barrels May 2021

20210501 084418 1 copy

Another fine opening over most of the Eastern Region made hunting difficult.

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Both Barrels March 2021

cover no bleed Duck 21 FishandGame

With less than six weeks to go until the game bird season, we welcome our readers of Both Barrels for 2021, the place where we keep you up to date...

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North Island Roundup - Both Barrels 2018

Claire Heyns, NorthTec Practicum student, helping with shoveler counts.

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Both Barrels August 2018

SS 1 Phil gamebird fest

stuff here....

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Eastern Both Barrels June 2018


The season appears to have got off to a good start compared to recent years, but we'll have a better idea of how it went once hunter harvest surveys have...

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Both Barrels Special Edition March 2018

BBaprilCSI2 Calling birds on sunrise opening 2019

Welcome to this special issue of Both Barrels.

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Fish & Game says public can help combat deadly bird disease

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Senior Fish & Game Officer Matthew McDougall says some swan are reported to have died from the disease at Lake Rotokawa.

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Hunters praised for sticking to rules

Fish & Game officers have applauded hunters in the Eastern Fish & Game Region for “sticking to the rules” as the new game bird season opened.

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Hunters warned of central North Island lake closure

Fish & Game is advising game bird hunters and others of a temporary closure of Lake Aniwhenua to recreational boats and kayaks.

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Balloted Wetlands Gate Restrictions - 2017 Game Bird Season

Hunters entering the wetlands listed below and other Fish & Game-managed wetlands require both a game bird hunting licence and a hunting permit issued by Fish & Game.

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Eastern Region 2017 Game Bird Season Newsletter

Eastern Region’s newsletter for the coming game bird season is out!

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Game bird hunting newsletter for 2017

Out now – Eastern Fish & Game’s new game bird hunting newsletter for 2017.

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